The Daily Specials

Every day of the week we have a dish we truly believe to be special. These are all created here at The Pun Pun in home cooking style. Our promise... you'll never leave here hungry!

Wednesday's special dish is Beef Stew

A steaming bowl of succulent tender beef and veggies galore, cooked to perfection in our own kitchen from an Irish recipe. Served with fresh toasted & buttered garlic French bread.

WednesdayBeef Stew

Beef Stew

No Blarney!

Only 130 ฿

(Save 25 ฿ on the usual price of 155 ฿)
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Pun of the Day

Scientific Conundrum:
A rabbit is in a box which has a hole at each end. He sticks his head out of the left hole and then 1 minute later it appears from the hole on the right. 30 seconds later he sticks it out of the left hole again... 15 seconds later back to the right hole. How long will it be before the rabbit sticks his head out of both ends of the box at the same time?

In theory: 2 minutes
In practice: no answer possible unless you split hares.

Have a Pun Pun filled day!