The Daily Specials

Every day of the week we have a dish we truly believe to be special. These are all created here at The Pun Pun in home cooking style. Our promise... you'll never leave here hungry!

Tuesday's dish is Chicken Cordon Bleu

The best of chicken fillet, wrapped around ham and filled with melted vintage cheese, all inside a parcel of cripsy golden breadcrumbs. Served with our own French Fries and a choice of vegetable. Optionally you may choose a salad.

TuesdayChicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Ooohh La-La!

Only 195 ฿

(Save 30 ฿ on the usual price of 225 ฿)
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Pun of the Day

One day a woman suddenly buys many gallons of milk from her milkman. Curious, the milkman asked her
"Why have you bought so much milk today?" She replied; "I've read that bathing in milk makes you healthier and more beautiful."
The milkman asks her "Would you like that milk Pasteurised?"

Her answer; "Oh no - just up to the neck!"

Have a Pun Pun filled day!