The Daily Specials

Every day of the week we have a dish we truly believe to be special. These are all created here at The Pun Pun in home cooking style. Our promise... you'll never leave here hungry!

Thursday's special dish is Pork Chop

A super thick and tender pork chop breaded to a golden brown. Served with our own French Fries and a choice of vegetable. Optionally you may choose a salad.

ThursdayBreaded Pork Chop

Breaded Pork Chop

Looks... good on ya mate!

Only 195 ฿

(Save 40 ฿ on the usual price of 235 ฿)
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Pun of the Day

Two old gambling friends meet on the street, having not seen each other for a while. Dickie asks Joe "Where've you been lately, I haven't see you in ages?"

Joe answers; "Well Dickie, I've been to Africa to visit my son. While I was there I taught some of the locals to play poker."

"Oh - Zulus?", asks Dickie

"No Dickie - I beat them 4 out of 5 times actually!"

Have a Pun Pun filled day!