The Daily Specials

Every day of the week we have a dish we truly believe to be special. These are all created here at The Pun Pun in home cooking style. Our promise... you'll never leave here hungry!

Saturday's special dish is Meatloaf

Baked here in our own oven, this scrumptious meatloaf is served with mashed potatoes, gravy and chice of vegetable. Optionally you may choose a salad, which comes with our very own house dressing.



That's one big bite for mankind...!

Only 215 ฿

(Save 40 ฿ on the usual price of 255 ฿)
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Pun of the Day

A Chinese professor was lecturing when suddenly all of the lights in the auditorium went out. Unfazed by this, he asked his students to raise their hands into the air. As soon as they had complied, the lights came on again.

He then said... "Proof of wisdom of old Chinese proverb..."

"Many hands make light work"

Have a Pun Pun filled day!