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Trekking in Northern Thailand

Trekkers make up a very large portion of the tourist visitors to Northern Thailand.. Trekkers of the varity that walk around the woods, more so than the Trekkers [sic] who follow Capt. James T. Kirk... Using The Pun Pun Guesthouse as a base, trekkers are assisted in making the selection of "Just the right Trek for them". Treks led by experienced guides and may be taken for 1,2 3, or more days. There are standard scheduled treks, or a customized trek may be created with just the activities an individual couple or group would desire. To give you an idea, our most popular trek is the 3 Day, 2 Night trek through some of the beautiful mountain areas near the Thai-Burmese Border, and close to the area known as the "Golden Triangle". This is the area made infamous by many of the movies depicting drug lords, and smuggling. Many of these stories are based on actual people and/or actual incidents. The trek is safe as in the way of controled danger.

The trek departs Chiang Mai on the morning of day 1 by van and drives Northward towards the border area...From the initial drop off point you would trek to one of the remote hill tribes who temporarily reside in the border area.. You actually eat and sleep within a Hilltribe village. Day 2 is trekking and Elephant Riding through the mountainous area with stops at several additional hill tribe villages...Night 2 is also spent in a hill tribe village.. Day 3 is bamboo rafting down the river,then trekking out to the pick up point. You would return to Pun Pun in the evening of the 3rd day.. Some of the various hill tribes in the area are "H'Mong, Lisu, Aka, Lahu, Mauser, Karen, and others. Trekkers are amazed at the variety of colorful clothing which appear as uniforms, yet are the everyday dress of these various groups. You may have seen photos of the young girls of the Karen Nation. They start at a very young age having gold hoops placed around their neck. One year, one hoop.until 10, 15 or more hoops have stretched their necks beyond Westerners belief.

Beautiful people and beautiful culture. Many of these people have been shunted from border to border by the different warring factions along the border river. Handicraft and photo ops are plentiful and inexpensive through out many of the villages. The inner beauty and the caring, sharing nature of these groups welcoming strangers into their midst to share what little they have, is one of the facets that make trekking in Northern Thailand a must for your holiday..

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