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Factory Shopping Tour

One of the great things about shopping in Thailand is the level to which the value of the Thai Baht [Thailands currency] has fallen in the past year. Three years ago for one US Dollar you would have received 25 Thai Baht. Today you would receive approximately 31 Baht. [It had been as high as 56 baht to the dollar] What this means for most tourists coming to Thailand is that you get a lot more bang for your buck!!! What you may have bought last year, this year you would buy almost two for the same amount of money.......

Thai Nationals come from all over Thailand to visit the famous "Chiang Mai Night Market". This is just as it sounds, a market that operates most of the night. In this market place you may purchase just about anything you may desire... from soup to nuts; from fruits to vegetables; from handicrafts to wood carvings, from MacDonalds Hamburgers to Thai Silk; from leather goods, to Thai Dolls. And the list goes on and on. Each of these little shops [possible exception of MacDonalds] is a horsetraders and hagglers paradise. You barter and banter the price until hopefully a deal is struck.

As good as these various outlets are, we at Pun Pun stand a very good chance of making it even better.... better for you that is..... We offer tours of the factories, slightly removed from Chiang Mai, where you may buy direct from the Factories. In many cases the same factories where the merchants go to buy the same products you bargain for in the Chiang Mai Night Market.. The savings are excellent, and the security of buying from the manufacturer are greatest in items such as Thai Silk and or Silver jewelery items..... Ladies this is a must for your Chiang Mai visit. Contact us by: email, fax, or telephone for additional details






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