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Learn Thai Massage at Pun-Pun Guesthouse




Thai Massage Over the centuries

Traditional Thai Massage has been practiced and improved upon, mainly by the monks as part of their Buddhist discipline .. Traditional Thai Massage is not a massage of oils and creams, as in many other types of massage, but rather one of using the bodies own healing properties to assist in the cure of aches, pains and other ailments. Traditional Thai Massage is massage using the motion of rolling and moving hand and finger pressure on muscles of the body to stimulate the movement of natural body fluids...

Pun-Pun offers a beginning course in Traditional Thai Massage, (3 hours per day, for five days) that will offer you the opportunity to learn the basics of this therapy... Courses are taught by experienced massage therapists, who currently work daily, continuing to learn and improve their own massage techniques.. In this field you never reach the end of your learning..... Very few Westerners are familiar with the Ancient Art of Traditional Thai Massage... Why not impress your friends upon your return home, as well as keep fresh the memories of your Thailand Vacation with an educational and unique holiday learning experience.... "Learn the beginning steps in the Ancient Art of Traditional Thai Massage".

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