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Learn Thai Cooking at Pun-Pun Guesthouse


Learn the Basics of Thai Cooking

We have had many Western Guests requesting recipes for various of the distinctive Thai Foods served here at The Pun Pun Restaurant, Pantry Guesthouse. Sanong, the lady of the house, has been cooking many of the Thai dishes served at Pun Pun, for over 25 years. [ ...now they are almost done... cooking for 25 years .... get it...just another Pun... get it again]. We decided some time ago that it might be a good idea to offer guests the opportunity to learn the preparation of some of the more basic of these dishes... We now offer tailored courses in "Thai Cooking, Pun Pun Style". These courses may be adapted to the time an individual or group wishes to devote to the art...

We start with the going to the local markets at dawn, to shop and haggle prices for the fruits, vegetables, fish and meats that are to be used in the preparation of your selected dishes.... You are taken from planning the meal through shopping, preparation and cooking of the actual meals....and good or bad you are the judge, you get to eat the meal Thai Style....

Contact us by: email, fax, or telephone for additional details as to course dates, times, and costs...